Our cat collars come with a lifetime warranty. 

Our lifetime warranty covers: 

  • craftsmanship failure
  • material failure
  • manufacturing defects

The warranty does not cover general wear and tear or damages caused by accident, including animals biting or chewing on the collar. 

Examples of general wear and tear that are not included:

  • surface scratches and marks on the hardware, including bite marks
  • loose threads, pulled threads, cuts, bite marks or scratches on the Ultrasuede®
  • dirt or stains on the Ultrasuede®
  • minor fading of the Ultrasuede® over time
  • minor loss of lustre or minor tarnishing of the hardware over time

Examples of accidents that are not included:

  • animals biting or chewing on the collar or hardware
  • staining of the Ultrasuede®
  • fading of the Ultrasuede® caused by bleach or stain-removing chemicals
  • shrinking of the Ultrasuede® or the Swarovski® crystals coming loose because the collar has been put in a tumble dryer

Examples of defects that are included:

  • hardware failure - eg, buckles, rivets or eyelets 
  • major fading of the Ultrasuede® (but not including damage caused by bleach or stain-removing chemicals)
  • failure of the Swarovski® crystals, including the hotfix glue (but not including collars that have been put in a tumble dryer)
  • safety elastic snapping


In the event of a warranty claim being approved, we will:

  • attempt to repair your collar, or
  • if the collar cannot be repaired we will send you a replacement collar that is of the same style and colour as your original collar. If the same style or colour is no longer available we will come to an agreement with you regarding your replacement. Warranty claims cannot be lodged for a monetary refund.


Additionally, in the event that the safety elastic breaks during a kitty misadventure, we will repair the elastic on your original collar free of charge – for life. Please send us both parts of your collar (both the buckle piece and Swarovski® piece) for the repair. We are not able to provide a complimentary repair unless both pieces are provided to us. In the event that one of the pieces has been lost, please contact us via email at to obtain a quote for purchasing replacement pieces for your collar.

Note: The elastic will not snap during regular cat-like activities, however it is made to snap in the event of a serious incident. 


Please complete our Returns, Repairs + Warranty Claims Form and enclose it with your order.  Please send your claim to:

Kanso Collars
PO Box 25
Pyrmont NSW 2009